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Technology poised to disrupt online logo design and biz card space

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This post is sponsored by LogoGarden.

LogoGarden.com, a logo design service featuring a do-it-yourself logo maker, has started automatically generating mobile-optimized web content alongside fully populated user-customizable webpages.

As a result, startup entrepreneurs on shoestring budgets can use LogoGarden to kick-start their businesses with a comprehensive, instant “brand platform.” That includes a customized professional-looking logo plus matching business cards, website and mobile site, all for under $100. With some 6.8 million startups annually in the US alone—the majority being solo entrepreneurs, according to Kauffman Foundation figures—VCs are tracking LogoGarden.

These firms are also eyeing LogoGarden.com’s ongoing revenue potential: Transforming logo buyers into long-term customers by selling them business card refills, expanded websites, matching email campaigns and brochures, logo apparel and other small-business necessities. With LogoGarden’s unique combination of consistent price, quality and turnaround, the company is negotiating sales channel partnerships with major players like office supply retailers and quick-print storefront chains.

LogoGardenLogoGarden 2.0 launched in June 2010 and spent a year building out its technology platform while selling logos and matching business cards to online customers primarily in the UK and Europe, hitting its initial sales goals six months early. The company only recently saw its first refund request—from a satisfied customer, no less, who decided not to go into business after all.

With unheard-of 100% customer satisfaction and its new 2.0 platform completed, LogoGarden forged into the US market in July 2011, more than doubling its sales almost overnight.

Startup entrepreneurs who need to create a logo for their new companies currently have a few options. There’s custom design from local graphics professionals, a generally costly alternative. Custom designers are available online too. Reverse-auction sites like 99designs.com help drive down the cost of custom work.

However, all these custom DIFM (“do it for me”) choices entail more cost, risk, time and often frustration than online DIY alternatives. By its very nature, DIFM produces uneven quality; you never know what you’re going to get. Custom designers must understand the entrepreneur’s business, preferences and vision. “I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know what I like when I see it” is a common refrain, and it’s one that drives designers nuts because it’s like shooting an arrow blindfolded at a moving target. Results can be equally frustrating for designers and entrepreneurs, doubly so when designers are simultaneously in an economic “race to the bottom” forced by reverse auction sites. That’s one reason good designers are abandoning reverse auctions, increasingly leaving the field to beginners.

Meanwhile, for the opposite reasons DIY logo design is flourishing. No one knows entrepreneurs’ business, preferences and nuances better than entrepreneurs themselves.

To facilitate this process, LogoGarden invested in a graphics database populated by thousands of symbols by top global designers. Patent-pending technology guides visitors quickly through a graphical hierarchy of logo symbols in different styles. Like a turbo brainstorming session, this process sparks ideas and mental connections. Visitors commonly hit an “aha” moment where these nuances coalesce into a symbol that makes optimal sense for the business and its creator. Next, online tools let entrepreneurs transform the basic symbol into their own unique, customized logo, modifying color, size, layout and other factors and, unique to LogoGarden, adding optional, advanced touches like reflection, shadow and “shine.” The result: a finished logo the entrepreneur loves.

The entire real-time process is anonymous and free. If entrepreneurs want to save their creation for future edits—or download final high quality files optimized for print and web—they pay online. At the same time, they can design matching business cards and website, and get a matching mobile website.

With LogoGarden.com’s 2.0 technology and first-ever advances, the DIY logo design space is heating up and headed for critical mass. What will happen then? Stay tuned.

This post was written by By John Williams, President, LogoGarden.com.

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