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You can now access your Google searches on every mobile device you own

Posted on | March 5, 2012 | No Comments

Continuing its desire for search domination, Google now lets you access recent local business and place searches across all your browsers and mobile devices. The feature was announced on Google’s Inside Search blog Monday.

All you have to do is log in into your Google account in a desktop browser, make sure you have web history enabled, and search for something local, such as a restaurant, store, museum, and so on. As it does with many search results, Google will likely display the full business details on your search results page, next to a map of the location.

Once you’ve searched for the business or place on your browser, you can go to your phone’s browser, log in to Google with the same account, and on the search engine’s mobile homepage, you’ll see a “Recent” icon that can tap to view your recent searches.

The new feature could be handy for finding your way to a restaurant you looked up earlier in the day. But I have an Android phone and I never go to Google’s mobile homepage on my phone. If I need to search for a business, I use the Maps application or my stock browser’s address bar, which also acts a Google search bar. In addition, I can’t figure out, based on my own research and Google’s post, whether you have to search for a specific place or if you can just type a more general location term such as “McDonalds.”

The feature is available for Android and iPhone, all you have to do is use your preferred mobile browser to go to Google.com. To enable Google web history, click this link or just search “Google Web History” in Google, of course.

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