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Get An Awesome New Tab Page For Google Chrome

Awesome New Tab Page (aNTP) is a Google Chrome add-on that turns the new tab page (NTP) into a metro-like browser home screen. In addition to icons that lead to your favorite websites, this add-on offers dynamic widgets that instantly update you on what’s going on. Your Awesome New Tab Page is fully customizable, meaning you can change the content, positioning, size, color, and type of content.

How To Use SeaMonkey To Do More Online

From the developers of Firefox, SeaMonkey promises to provide you with access to all of your online needs – browsing and email primarily, although an IRC client and WYSIWYG web editor is also included. In my quest to consolidate desktop applications that chew up my precious memory as I’m trying to test other apps and blog at the same time, I thought I would give SeaMonkey a full-out test run and really dig into its features.

3 Firefox Add-Ons That Provide The Chrome Features You Love & Miss

As you’ve probably experienced yourself, when you get used to a browser, no matter the annoyances, there are certain features that really grow on you. Features you feel you cannot do without, and are keeping you from switching to a different browser. For me, after a year of using only Chrome, there were several such features that I sorely missed when I finally went back to Firefox. Luckily, there are some awesome add-ons.

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