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Zuckerberg: Building a Facebook phone ‘wouldn’t make much sense for us’

Facebook building a phone “wouldn’t really make much sense for us to do,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today during the company’s first-ever earnings conference call.

Today, the social networking behemoth posted $1.18 billion in revenue and a net loss of …

Stay Focused And Keep Shipping: What Is Facebook Thinking With Its Phone Folly?

displaymediaEarlier today, I wrote about Facebook designers asking, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Apparently, Facebook’s answer is “build a phone.”

Why Facebook doesn’t need a Facebook Phone (but will try anyway)

With Facebook’s recent unveiling of a camera app for the iPhone, as well as a universal app store, it’s becoming clearer to me that even if the company is planning a phone of its own, it likely won’t be as …

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