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Evntlive Could Help Yahoo Fix Its Broken Video Experience

yahoo broken videoThis week, Yahoo continued with its prolific acquisition strategy with a one-two punch picking up companies working on video — a sign that, while some of its acquisitions have been basic talent grabs, at least a few of them have a very specific focus to them, concentrating on fixing its long-neglected video business. The move taps not just into how Yahoo hopes to build up its audience of users who spend more time with Yahoo, but also subsequently tap into premium advertising served alongside it.

Music on air: Koss reinvents headphones for the wireless internet age

After introducing the first-ever stereo headphones in 1958, Koss is aiming to change the world again the Wi-Fi striva pro headphones.

Rdio Amps Up To 18M Tracks With New CD Baby And TuneCore Deals. More Tracks Than Spotify?

Rdio Announces Ad-Free, On-Demand Music Streaming | TechCrunchIf part of the game in streaming music is to have the biggest catalog of tracks, then today Rdio made a significant move to turn its volume up to Spotify levels, and gain some street cred with indie fans in the process: it announced two key deals with CD Baby and TuneCore, both independent music aggregators, that ramps up its total track number to 18 million songs, and adds some 250,000 new musicians into the catalog.

The deal also will mean a much bigger route to getting music on to Rdio for unsigned artists, which will now be able to offer their tracks via Rdio in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Sweden and Finland.

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