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U.S. smartphone users spend $37.8B annually on international calls, says Rebtel

While consumers are flocking to services like Skype to chat with friends and family internationally for free, there’s still a huge market for international calling, according to the latest survey sponsored by the voice-over-IP company Rebtel.

3 Tips To Make Skype More Enjoyable [Mac]

Skype, in terms of software design, continues to baffle me. It’s beautifully designed, and most of the time it’s also charmingly easy to use, but once in a blue moon you discover these little quirks that rain on your Skype parade. It may be how the application masterfully ignores basic interface guidelines. Here are some three very basic tips to make your Skype experience on Mac OS X a more enjoyable one.

VoIP Service KeKu Hits 500K Users, Quietly Launches Group Calling App

KeKu-tagline-logo-high-rezWe wrote about the official launch of KeKu, a New York-based VoIP telephony startup earlier this year and since then, the company has managed to grow quickly. Today, KeKu announced that it has surpassed 500,000 customers around the world who use its free and paid services. The company, which offers Android and iOS calling apps, allows users to make free VoIP calls between its users and also offers cheap international calls to cell phones and landlines by allowing users to assign local numbers to their friends and family.

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