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China’s online encyclopedia Hudong.com raising $50M round

Referred to as China’s Wikipedia, Hudong.com is a Chinese-language online encyclopedia. The company is reportedly raising a $50 million third round of funding, sources told Fortune.

Created in 2005, Hudong.com calls itself the world’s largest Chinese-language wiki with 6.4 million …

Take TvTropes With You Anywhere With The DroidTropes App [Android]

Across all forms of fictional media, there are certain similarities and archetypes that pop up time and time again. The damsel in distress. The flawed anti-hero. The wise old mentor. The pervasive evil mob of doom. And in my study of fiction, I’ve come across a wonderful site that documents all of the instances of these storytelling tropes.

Wikia Rolls Out Big Redesign To Bring Accessibility, Discovery To 20M Pages Of UGC

Screen shot 2012-04-04 at 12.51.54 AMYou may not be familiar with Wikia, but the collaborative media company has been quietly growing into a giant, recently passing IGN, for example, as the largest network of gaming sites on the planet. Led by both its gaming and entertainment verticals, Wikia’s content-driven social network is home to one of the largest and most active communities on the Web. For those unfamiliar, building on the popularity of its non-profit predecessor (Wikipedia), the site allows anyone (even you) to create new communities around any subject they’re passionate about — or participate in one of its 200,000 existing communities — for free.

However, as publishing models change, Wikia is looking to more strategically marry the world of professional content creation with the openness of UGC, without fundamentally changing or restricting the formula. As its communities have largely remained disaggregated and separate from one another, Wikia is today officially unveiling its biggest redesign in years, which aims to collect its communities under one, sleek-looking roof while improving both engagement and discovery for a more mainstream audience.

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