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Evntlive Could Help Yahoo Fix Its Broken Video Experience

yahoo broken videoThis week, Yahoo continued with its prolific acquisition strategy with a one-two punch picking up companies working on video — a sign that, while some of its acquisitions have been basic talent grabs, at least a few of them have a very specific focus to them, concentrating on fixing its long-neglected video business. The move taps not just into how Yahoo hopes to build up its audience of users who spend more time with Yahoo, but also subsequently tap into premium advertising served alongside it.

Marissa Mayer’s First 30 Days

mayer-ceosOn my last visit to Yahoo at the end of July, it was as if a dark cloud had been lifted. Employees enthuastically lined up to enter the cafeteria in the first week of “Free Lunch”. URL’s, Yahoo’s main cafeteria, was more packed than a typical Tuesday. Many expressed how excited they were about the future of their company.

“I used to worry about my team quitting; not anymore!” said an engineering manager with a big smile.

“I was looking for a job but I am going to stick around for a while!” exclaimed another employee. 

Author Fights For His Book On The Internet After Slacking Student Pleads For A Quick Summary

Screen shot 2012-08-13 at 12.01.27 PMYou never know who you’ll meet on the internet. Maybe it’s the Craigslist killer, or maybe it’s the author of a book you need to read for your summer school assignment. For Yahoo! user ♥ Idiot America ~ ϟƘƦІןן∑x ♥, the latter held true. He (lazily) took to Yahoo! Answers to have someone else review his summer reading book for him, The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep And Never Had To by DC Pierson.

Surprisingly enough, Pierson himself responded to the post.

Now, clearly, the internet has made publishing a difficulty for authors. Traditional publishing houses are bleeding cash, and choose fewer and fewer authors to back. On the other hand, the epub market is flooded with new talent, which makes it difficult for an author to be discovered. It’s a Catch-22 of sorts, which is why services like PubSlush have waltzed into existence.

But what about readers?

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